Please understand we are a small farm and therefore our weights can vary. We will always have a total at least at or above the stated total weight. We are a small operation and our butcher tries to keep the weights the same if possible, but will ship on the high side. If you don't see a package

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Standard shipping for Gallagher's Centennial Farm orders is UPS 2 day ground shipping for arrival days of Tuesday - Friday only. Your Gallagher's Centennial Farms order will be packed with dry ice and/or  gel packs to ensure that it arrives in optimal condition. Products may be thawed upon arrival, but are safe to use and can be refrozen if they are cool to the touch. Gallagher's Centennial Farm do not use any  Your  products have been flash frozen at the peak of freshness. The product is individually vacuum sealed to remain fresh in your freezer for up to six months.

For an additional charge, express delivery is available for Tuesday - Friday delivery only. Simply indicate your preference in the checkout portion of the shopping cart. The chart below shows both standard and express shipping details.
Generally, orders only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. You will be e-mailed confirmation of your order. The e-mail will include the FedEx tracking information.
NOTE: We guarantee delivery to the address provided, so please make sure you carefully enter accurate information.
Deliveries are to the Continental US on Tuesdays - Fridays Only. Below is our shipping schedule for non-holiday weeks.
Orders Received Day Usually Ship On Standard Arrival Express Arrival
Mon 5:00AM – Tue 4:59AM CST Tue Thur Wed
Tue 5:00AM – Wed 4:59AM CST Wed Fri Thur
Wed 5:00AM – Thur 4:59AM CST Mon Standard and Thursday Express Wed Fri
Thur 5:00AM – Mon 4:59AM CST Mon Wed Tue