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History of Gallagher's Centennial Farm

HistoryWelcome to our centennial farm!! Gallagher Farms is well known in the Grand Traverse Region, having been established back in 1905. Dairy cattle have always been a part of our farm. Cherry orchards were introduced in 1930. A few years ago Gallagher’s began raising Black Angus Beef.


In this day and age you need several resources to keep the family farm going. The Traverse City area has grown immensely in the past 20 years and we have felt pressured by the new  amounts of traffic,  but we intend on keeping the family farm alive and providing our consumers with consistent and quality products. Our family works very hard to keep things running smoothly. We love our job!!


On Saturday, July 12, 1975, the Chicago Sun Times published an article about President Ford’s first appearance outside of Washington after declaring his candidacy for President for 1976. President Ford appeared in the Traverse City Cherry Festival parade. At parade’s end, after greeting band members, Mr. Ford went to greet over 150 people at the home of Senator Robert P. Griffin in Long Lake area.


When President Ford was leaving to go back to Chicago, his motorcade was delayed by a herd of crossing cattle from Gallagher’s Centennial Farm!

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