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Gallagher's Centennial Farm est 1905

We are a Michigan Certified Centennial Farm located on the west side of Traverse City. Our farm consists of nearly 600 acres of pasture, corn and hay fields. Our Angus beef are all born and raised here. Calving time is an exciting time of year in the pasture, when our new calves are born starting in May. Our cattle are fed hay, some corn silage, Non GMO Corn, pasture grass. In the winter they have the option to go indoors.


We raise our own pigs allowing us to have many specialty products made using no MSG or preservatives, 7 kinds of brats, Breakfast, Italian, and Chorizo sausages, plain ground pork, hams, canadian bacon, cottage bacon, jowel bacon with no nitrates added. We offer all cuts of meat, individually packaged, vacuum sealed and frozen. Sometimes you can order fresh cuts of meat for special occasions. 1/4's & 1/2's of beef. Also, 1/2's and whole pigs cut to your specs.


All meat is USDA inspected, licensed, insured.

No GMO's Raised or Used

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